“The Manager’s Battle Ground” – a Workshop ~ 3rd April 2012 ~ by Dr.Upali Mahanama

“The Manager’s Battle Ground” – a Workshop ~ 3rd April 2012 ~ by Dr.Upali Mahanama

The McQuire Organized a Workshop of “The Manager’s Battle Ground” by Dr.Upali Mahanama. The workshop is to the Managers to face and overcomes the obstacles and challenges in working environment.

Due to the globalization working environment most of manager in a organization face many obstacles and challenges to be track.  Due the global competition the organizations are expecting higher level off productively and efficient work.

Benefits of this Workshop

The Workshop will help the managers to face challengers and develop the learning culture within organizations. It will help managers to improve their Innovative and high efficient skills.

“The Manager’s Battle Ground” Workshop Highlight

Realize:the power of Professionalism in competitive business
Focus:On Skill, Knowledge, Disciplines & Leadership in Management
Understand:the Problem & Challenges of Modern Management
Identify:the need to cope with the workload & Maintain Job Satisfaction
Understand:the important of Emotions Control & Improving Productivity
Identify:the disciplines of facing criticism & Developing a Knowledge base
Understand:the causes triggering stress
Focus:on the Disciplines of stress Management
Appreciate:the adverse impact of ineffective time management
Identify:common time wasters & taking corrective measures
Focus:on the disciplines of time management


“The Manager’s Battle Ground” Workshop Details

Date:3rd April 2012
Time:9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm
Venue:Queens’s court,
Cinnamon Lakeside,
Investment:Rs. 7,250.00 + 12% VAT


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