Lanka Sathosa announces the Special for lowest vegetable prices only at Lanka Sathosa.

Market PriceLanka Sathosa Price
Pumpkin1 KGRs. 40/=Rs. 20/=
Eggplant (Brinjals)1 KGRs. 150/=Rs. 110/=
Thalana Battu1 KGRs. 130/=Rs. 100/=
Radish1 KGRs. 50/=Rs. 40/=
Snake Gourd1 KGRs.110/=Rs. 65/=
Wetakolu1 KGRs.110/=Rs. 90/=
Green Beans1 KGRs. 170/=Rs. 110/=
Carrots1 KGRs. 160/=Rs. 120/=
Tomatoes1 KGRs. 100/=Rs. 60/=
Capsicums1 KGRs. 180/=Rs. 150/=
Green Chillies1 KGRs. 250/=Rs. 240/=
Bitter Gourd1 KGRs. 100/=Rs. 80/=
Ladies Fingers1 KGRs. 140/=~Rs. 75/=
Beetroot1 KGRs. 130/=Rs. 80/=
Sweet Potatoes1 KGRs. 50/=
Lime1 KGRs. 50/=Rs. 40/=
Cucumber1 KGRs. 60/=Rs. 50/=
Ash plantains1 KGRs. 100/=Rs. 80/=
Dhambala1 KGRs. 110/=Rs.90/=
Long Beans1 KGRs. 100/=Rs. 90/=
Cabbage1 KGRs. 80/=Rs. 60/=
Leeks1 KGRs. 110/=Rs. 90/=
Manioc1 KGRs. 40/=


Initially Fresh Vegetables at lowest prices will be available at selected Lanka Sathosa Outlets.

No: 108, York Street, Colombo 01

For more information see below image


Lanka Sathosa Lowest Prices for Vegetable

Lanka Sathosa Lowest Prices for Vegetable

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