CCTV cameras in forest reserves to monitor Human and Animal behaviours

The Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation has decided to Install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras inside national forest reserves in a bid to monitor the activities of visitors as well as to be of service to them.

This has become necessary because of the uncouth behaviour of certain visitors and certain service providers, the Minister of Wildlife Resources Conservation stated in News.

There were several instances of unwarranted behaviour had been noticed in the Yala Forest Reserve, and as a result, the ministry had conducted a seminar involving game rangers, drivers who drive visitors inside the forest, and other stakeholders, to create the necessary awareness on how visitors and service providers should conducted themselves in the reserves.  And it is securing the safety of the visitors In the Yala Park and of the animals as well

The minister is of the view that once the CCTV cameras are installed within national parks, the authorities would be able to enforce a more coordinated effort at monitoring the visitors, the activities that take place and the manner in which officials carry out their responsibilities.

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