Samsung’s new evolutional Smart phone Galaxy s4 is due to release on coming April 30th, worldwide. Given the announced specifications; it’s taking on the apple I phone 5 with its features, and also to its android rivals HTC one and Sony xperia Z. given the Circumstances this may be the best Smartphone of the year.

Samsung made a huge improvement on S4, With dimensions of 69.8mm x 136.6mm and 7.9mm thick, it’s surprisingly thinner than the S3 and feels more light weighted 130g, Even though it’s heavier  than the iPhone 5 (112g) and the featherweight Sony Xperia Z (146g) but the hands on experience claims that it  gives it a reassuring feel in the hand.

Buttons are fairly similar to the Galaxy S3 with the same layout. There is only one button, which is the home button on the bottom of the device, under the screen. Unlike I phone 5 and HTC one, the housing is made of plastic and has a very similar feel to the S3. It’ll be available in black and white at launch.

There are some new and evolutional features that are combined with Samsung galaxy S4. It has the Smart pause option; The S4 will know when you’re looking at the phone and will pause a playing video if you look away and continue to play when you look back. There’s also Smart Scroll that allows you to tilt the phone to scroll up and down Web Pages and left-to-right in a gallery. Another key feature that makes this impressive Smartphone stand out, is the Air view. The Air View has been added to the S4 but without the need of a stylus. Hover your finger around 2cm from the screen and you’ll get a preview of an email or video.

There is another evolutional gesture-based feature is added, Air Gesture. This somewhat pointless function allows you to wave your hand up and down to scroll content or answer a call hands-free.  It work very well during our play with the device, but we question its usefulness. Group Play is another feature that’s been loaded into the phone. It allows you to connect up to eight other S4 devices to play a game or listen to a track

..5-inch screen of Samsung galaxy S4 is another key feature. It beats the display screens of competitors such as HTC One (4.7 inches), iPhone 5 (4 inches) and Nokia Lumia 920 (4.5 inches) and Along with the size, the quality of the screen has increased as well

Samsung camera has and average of 13 MP back and 2 MP front camera. It is embedded with some irresistible features

One like that is the dual shot, which allows you to use both the front-facing and back-facing cameras simultaneously and creates a picture-in-picture image. There are various options that allow you to be creative on how the picture- in-picture appears from a postage stamp to a split screen. It also works as a video.

The next feature is the Drama Shot, those stitches multiple burst shots together into one image, Cine-shot that creates a picture that’s a mixture of still shots and video and finally Racer-shot that allows you to delete a moving person from a picture. With this features Samsung Galaxy s4 Camera makes a clear stand against its competitors.

New Samsung Smartphone runs with Exynos OCTO processor runs in at 1.6 GHz, 2GB of RAM plus a choice of 16, 32 or 64GB onboard storage with the option of micro SD up to 64GB.

S4 battery will last longer than the S3 and the specs agree with a 2,600mAH battery on board, a step-up from its predecessor. But fails to beat the battery life of I Phone 5.The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most hotly anticipated Android phone of 2013 and may very well go far with it.

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