There is a big question to every parents and guardian about the Grade 1 School admission criteria, the Ministry of Education following a specific Marks Allocations for the grand 1 Admission on below formats.

Out of the vacancies existing in Grade One in a school the number of children to be selected by the first interview will be made from the children belonging to the following categories according to the percentages indicated here.

  • Children of residents in close proximity to the school      50%
  • Children of parents who are Past Pupils of the school     25%
  • Brothers /sisters of students already studying in the school 15%
  • Children of persons in the staff of Institutions directly involved in school education          05%
  • Children of officers in Government /Corporations/ State Bank services receiving transfers on exigencies of service                04%
  • Children of persons arriving after living abroad with the child      01%

Marks will be allocated for selection according to the marking scheme ;the Maximum number of marks obtainable will be 100.

If even one of the documents submitted to the Interview Board is found to be illegal, the application maybe rejected by the Interview Board for this reason alone.

Provisions have been made available in the application for the inclusion of details relating to registration in electoral lists. Parents/ Legal Guardians who wish to submit information relating to registration in electoral lists should obtain them from the Grama Niladhari officers and fill in the relevant section. This information should be certified by the applicant himself.

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