National Engineering Research & Development Centre Of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre) invites manufactured, and developed, and introduced to the market successfully a Water Valve which is foot operated, that is made to happen, using newest and latest Technology, to be utilized very easily and effectively, in order to save the resources of water, whenever using, hand-operated water valves, wasting unnecessarily, our immensely valuable resource of water.

This is a very rare and valuable solution, to save the money expended by using the Hand Operated Water Valves, preventing the Wastages of us hand-operated water valves, which Technology is at the moment used mostly and abundantly, in factories, hostels, boarding houses, restaurant and canteens etc. at present.!!!

Specifications and Special Features of this Foot-Operated Valve:

  • Ability to save 50% of unutilized water when compared to Hand Operated Water Valves.
  • Easy to handle.
  • As it is foot-operated, there is capacity and capability to keep the both hands of the operator free from handling anything by hand.
  • Capable to obtain the quantity of water that is coming through the water valve, with a control and limitedly without any wastage.
  • It is utility equipment with a long period of usability.
  • Minimum number of Maintenance and repairs.

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre), envisages, and expects to handover the Manufacturing Technology of this Equipment, to the Interested Industrialists / Manufacturers, who have willingly and definitely shown actual interest, identifying them, and to supply and provide and offer to the local market, to manufacture and to be sold in local market.

(Technology Transfer Fee is Rs. 10,000.00 + Taxes relevant).

Accordingly, if you are interested, in obtaining the manufacturing technology of this valuable equipment of Foot-operated Water Valves, or may show your any interest, in obtaining further details and information, regarding this equipment, please feel free to have an opportunity to call us on Telephone No. 011-2234266 or to send or forward a letter of request by post, or an E-mail, to the address indicated below, including your name, address and contact telepone number .

The Address above referred to:

Director / Techno-Marketing Division,

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Center), No. 2/P, 17/B, Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka. Tel :011-2236384, 2236284, 2234266. Email:

For more details see below image

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

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