Micro MX7 Mark II Geely Update Price of Rs. 2,345,000 all inclusive and Features and Specifications – September 2015

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Micro MX7 Mark II Geely is one of the best selling Product of Micro Brand now stop due to the management decision. the Micro MX7 Mark II Geely well known for comfortable and service excellence. thoe Micro MX7 Mark II Geely  is not produce anymore, Micro Cars sales representatives confirm that they got few cars for immediate sale at a cash price of Rs. 2,345,000/- as all inclusive.

After the Tax Implementation for the imported vehicles, the demand for the Micro has been gradually increased and the Demand for the Micro MX7 Mark II Geely has been peak and it has recognised as professionals’ car in Sri Lanka.

Micro MX7 Mark II Geely Price updated price on 22nd September 2015

Micro MX7 Mark II Geely  for Rs. 2,345,000/- all inclusive

Micro MX7 Mark II Geely Specifications and Features

Engine: 1498 cc
Maximum Output: 69/6000 (Kw/rpm)
Maximum Torque 128/3400 (Nm/rpm)
Vehicle Dimension
Length: 4342 mm
Width : 1692 mm
Height: 1435 mm
Wheel Base 2502 mm
Wheel distance: 1450/1431mm
Fuel tank capacity: 45L
Streering System: Rack & Pinion
Gearbox: 5 Speed M/T
Brake system
Front: Disc Break
Rear: Drum + Vacum Booster
Maximum Speed 165 Km/Hour
Fuel Consumption 15.87 Km per Liter
Available colours
Crystal gray
Midnight blue
Brocade sliver
Golden Green
Snow White
Pineapple Yellow
Pearl Black
Chinese Red

For More information and Book a Micro MX7 Mark II Geely

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28 responses to “Micro MX7 Mark II Geely Update Price of Rs. 2,345,000 all inclusive and Features and Specifications – September 2015”

  1. M.A.A.PERERA Avatar

    please inform me how I book a MX7 mark 11 car.and could be at Kandy branch and how much I wants to pay as advance money. Perera. 07.05.2012. Kekirawa

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Mr.Perera,
      Pls contact to Mr.Dhanushka on 077 77 15122 for more information on delivering and bookings,
      Best regards,

  2. DR.N. Meanal Avatar
    DR.N. Meanal

    please inform me how much is the price for doctor permit holder..

  3. DR.N.Meanal Avatar

    please inform me how much is the price of MX7 mark 11 for doctor’s permit holders?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Please Contact to Mr.Dhanushka Colombage on 077 771 5122 about the Permit Informations,
      Best Regards,

  4. Washeen Avatar

    You have to pay 20% for reservation. I ordered one in may and they said it will arrive on November.

  5. Thilan Avatar

    Is it a Chinese product?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      I dont Think so, Please contact to Micro

    2. Thilanka Avatar

      No its a Geely product. Geely located in Sweden and partners of Volvo

      1. Prasanna Avatar

        Micro is producing under licence

  6. j bogahakotuwa Avatar
    j bogahakotuwa

    i have given my order to micro geely mx7 car on 2nd of july 2012.when i can ricieve it.

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Pls contact to the relevant sales person, he will help you,

  7. yohan Avatar

    i”m planning to go for a geely Mark 2, can anyone who use a similar car, genuinely comment on it?

  8. Thamara Gunawardhana Avatar
    Thamara Gunawardhana

    Can you tell me the fuel efficiency of this car
    Thanks in advance

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      could you pls contact to Mr.Dhanushka on 0777 715122

  9. Rajitha Avatar

    please send me the price of MX 7 , & Geely MX 7

  10. Roshan Avatar

    i think the price for this car has gone up.. now around 2345000.00 and waiting time 2 month around. i am planing to buy this and please give me some feedback.


  11. randy Avatar

    it’s full option.if u buy this car ur lucky.bcus mx7 car is a future car.

  12. Chaminda Avatar

    To all those who are interested in procuring a MX7 MKII Brand New…Please be aware Micro is having a big problem in meeting their delivery schedule. I ordered a MX7 MKII in Feb 2015 and they promised delivery by end of May 2015. However I have yet to collect mine even though I had to take a personal loan to pay the full payment for the car and it is already July 2015 and they are still unable to give me a confirmed date of delivery since the car has not even been taken in for assembly. So please be aware of this situation since there seem to be a very serious communication gap between the sales department and the production department.

  13. Ishanka Avatar

    I called to Micro kalaniya branch yesterday. and i asked them for order a mx7 mark II car. then they told me the micro company told them to don’t take orders for that car. i asked the reason and they told me a new version is ready to released and that’s the reason for that. i want to know is that true? why don’t you advertise about that?? how much it cost? how long it should go for release that?? how long should i wait for my mx7 mark II?? please tell me it’s true or what’s going on realy???? 🙁

  14. suranga Avatar

    how is the weight of the mx7?

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Dear Suranga,
      really i am not sure about it, and Micro MX7 is no more under production.


  15. sarath Avatar

    please advertise micro mx7 mark 11 price

  16. Thilan Avatar

    Micro MX7 MARkII Production is now officially Discontinued ..!!

    1. Prasanna Avatar

      Yes they have stoped and more focus on Micro micro emgrand

  17. jerome Avatar

    please send me the price of MX 7 , & Geely MX 7

  18. W.A.W.silva Avatar

    I need to buy mx7 used car,can you help me ,

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