Yala Official Website is Launched – http://yalasrilanka.lk

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The official website for Yala National Park was launched by the Department of Wildlife to coincide with the first-ever World Wildlife Day. The in-depth, one-stop info cum conservation catalyst on the cutting-edge of web technology was launched by the Minister of Wildlife Resources Conservation Gamini Vijith Vijayamuni Zoysa at a special event to mark the Wildlife Day.

Standing out is the website’s multi-faceted strategy of providing all what a visitor requires while preparing him to be a responsible tourist.

http://yalasrilanka.lk/  design approach brings in line with the world’s best websites in wildlife tourism, taking visitors through a fascinating journey that brings them up. Close and personal with the park while inspiring them to be ‘green’ tourists who’d be prepared for their adventure.

http://yalasrilanka.lk/ offers an inside-look at Sri Lanka’s most famous wildlife park with authentic facts and photography while also bringing service providers like hotels, safari jeeps, lodges into a well-planned nexus of facilitators.

The site is also linked to a special social media page that allows visitors to share their experiences and create a dialogue that promotes responsible tourism while highlighting problem areas which would bring the Wildlife Department to the equation.

http://yalasrilanka.lk/ is done in association with The 7th Frontier, a respected marcom agency already known for its internationally-acclaimed initiatives in wildlife tourism. “What we need is right partnerships that serve the country well and this is the first step in creating a wildlife portal that offers a single gateway to all of our parks”



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