Government Information Centre details and Online Checking Process of Departments in Sri Lanka

The Government Information centre is a key Information provider about the government products and services to general Public.

The itself is helping lots of srilankan and foreigners to obtain their basic information about their search.

Here the below links are attached for the most of the needed information, for more detail see below list of information or visit




  Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited   Arrivals Flight Schedule
  Atomic Energy Authority   List of Licensed Institutes in the Country
  Ayurvedic Medical Council   Details of Registered Ayurvedic Medical Council Members
  Central Bank of Sri Lanka   Current Economic Indicators ( Exchange Rates )
  Department of Animal Production and Health   DAPH Application Status
  Department of Buddhist Affairs   Buddhist Cultural Temple Directory
  Department of Examinations   Exam Results
  Department of Hindu Affairs and Cultural Service   Hindu Cultural Temple Directory
  Department of Import Export Control   HS-Code Details
  Department of Labour   Contact details of District Offices
  Department of Land Settlement   View status of Title Registration
  Department of Meteorology   Latest Weather Information
  Department of National Museum   View Museum Visitor Information
  Department of Official Languages   Find Language Facilitators
  Department of Official Languages   Language Proficiency
  Department of Post   Find Postal Codes and Relevant Contact Details
  Department of Probation and Child Care   Contact details of Child Rights Promoting Officers
  Department of Public Trustee   Check the Status of Foreign Compensation
  Department of Railways   Find your Distance and Parcel Transport Cost
  Department of Register Generals   View Deed Registration Details
  Department of Registrar of Companies   Request for Company Names
  Department of Rubber Development   View Rubber Prices
  Department of Social Services   Search for Training Courses for a Specific Disability
  Department of Social Services  Check Status of Application Form Submitted for a Training Course
  Department of Survey   List of licensed surveyors
  Department of Technical Education and Training   List of Available Training Courses
  Deyata Kirula   Project monitoring System
  Merchant Shipping Division   Certificate of Competency Verification
  Merchant Shipping Division   Performance Certificate Verification
  Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs   Add Transfer Requests/ Find Transfer Opportunities
  Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs   Find Grama Niladhari Details
  National Secretariat For Non-Governmental Organizations   Directory of Registered NGOs in Sri Lanka
  Nenasala Website   Find Nenasala Centers
  Samurdhi Authority   Samurdhi Bank Directory
  Southern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority   Southern Provincial Bus Schedule
  Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment   View Foreign Employment Opportunities
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search Library Books
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search System Certified Companies
  Sri Lanka Standard Institute   Search Certified Product
  Sri Lanka Tea Board   View Tea Price
  Sri Lanka Tea Board   View Tea Directory
  Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau   Quick Information for Tourists
  Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau   Sri Lanka Accommodation
  Sri Lanka Transport Board   Contact details of Depots
  Tea Small Holdings Development Authority   Subsidy Information
  Water Resources Board   Cost Estimates for Services information


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