The Dialog TV provide an opportunity for Students who sits examinations for the forthcoming G.C.E Ordinary Level Exams revise your learning from your living room.

Do your Pass Paper discussion of 8 years and recap sessions by Experience Teachers in srilanka. Now it’s Available for 24 x 7 in English and Sinhala Mediums with advantage of recoding and revising over and over again.

Those first 250 connections will get a Personal Video recording for FREE, for more information see below image or call Dialog Revision TV on 1777

G.C.E (OL) Examination preparations by Dialog TV

G.C.E (OL) Examination preparations by Dialog TV

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  • thilak says:

    Dear Provider, I observed about 2 days back (may be the Physics Revision Program), the lecture on “Half Wave and Full Wave Rectification” was not proper and not the correct way for the beginner, and not satisfactory. There were so many missing for the beginner to understand and to follow. If those points were discussed or shown properly the lecture would not go that long. I believe the way that subject to be explained was not full.
    I’m a Retired electronics Engineer, I wish you would not offend. Thank you.

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