How to Check my G.C.E (O/L) Examination Result?

Yes, your G.C.E (O/L) Result released today, you could able to check your G.C.E (O/L) Examination Result online now.

Where Can I Check?

You could check your G.C.E (O/L) Examination Result by entering to the Department of Examination website of


Where can I Enter my Index Number?

At Department of Examination website of; on right hand side of the page you could see the examination result announcement with space provided to enter your Index.


How Can I Makesure the result is for my Academic Year?

On top of the each and every examination result, the Department of Examination provides the academic year of examinations (Like G.C.E (O/L) 2012 EXAMINATION RESULT)


How can I Makesure the result is mine?

After you enter your index number and submit at , your result will appears with your Name as it is in examination admission form.

Therefore you could confirm your result by check your name


Is it accurate?

In most of the cases the Department of Examination website of results is accurate


Will I able to apply re-correction by Online?

No, you can’t apply re-correction by or any other website.


Pls stated your question on below space of comment, we are here to help you,

All the best for all candidates to be success their examination!!! πŸ™‚

81 thoughts on “How to Check my G.C.E (O/L) Examination Result?”

  1. My cousin sat for my O/L in 2011. Once she checked her result online she got a good result and did not print it out. She went to education department to collect her result sheet and she found a different result on it. How it can be possible. Also I would like to know in 2011 displayed the candidate name on the screen. Now candidate name is displaying in the screen.

    1. Dear Jeewani,
      the result could be obtain only with Index Number, if you miss your index number, you could obtain by your school of Ministry of Education,


  2. i sat o/l exam in 2010. although i have result sheet, i want to know my results on internet. how can i do it. please tell me.
    thank you.

  3. I did AL exam in 2013 August in Maths stream in English medium and how am I able to get my results please.
    How can I get my results now?

  4. i have missed ma index number.but i have this number (p 648700) they gave this number before giving the index number and my subjetc number are islam 4 16,tamil 3 22,english 4 31,maths 4 32,history 4 33,sinhala 2 64,english literature 4 46,health science 4 86. now can i get my index number or my results?? i did my o/ls on 2012

  5. Dear,
    I need to get my result please help me out.

    G.C.E (O/L) 2003 examination results


    1. you can check your result by visiting to your school and request a index number and than you need o obtain a copy of your result sheets from department of examination or Ministry of Higher Educations

  6. I was Partisipate o level exam in 2006 but i forget my index no how can i my no in online please help me soon

  7. Dear Sir
    I need to get my O/L result in 2004 Kindly advice how i can get it by using my ID No , i don’t have exam index no.

    1. Dear Danushka,

      if you can’t remember your Index number you can collect your index number from your school and get result sheet by online. if not you can contact to Department of Examination directly with your ID Number n school name


  8. My daughter lost her 2015 GCE (O/L) index number. Could you please send via email. Her name and NID number as follows.
    NIC No. xxxxxxxxxxV

    I am her father S.T.C.S.Wickramasinghe

    1. Dear Mr.Tyronne,

      you can’t get the O/L Result by NIC, you can contact to your daughter’s School, definitely they will help you, unless contact to department of Examination with the NIC Number and School Name,


  9. i have done my o/L in 2012. i didn’t get a printout at that year but now i want to print my exam results for a job. its very urgent. i visited to (DONETS), but i cant found my exam results. is there any other website to take a print of my result sheet??? i haven’t any time for go to school… please help me……….

    1. you can apply for online for certificate and they will send u by post. but i will take some time..
      and if it is urgent you can take certificate copy from examination department for foreign degree programme purpose.

  10. Hello dear.I lost my all education certificate.please help me..I not remember my index number.2006 ,0/,L ..what I do?? I.’ll be waiting urge answers…

  11. Good day…please am so desperate yo get my GCE result.I wrote it around 2004…its been long.But now I need it..the thing there is that I have forgotten my exam number…I wrote it at Egwebene,in Edo state.I have also lost contact within these years with the person that took me..please is it still possible of my chances of getting result and how..thank you.

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