Sri Lanka has a proud history of boat building. From the ancient times Sri Lanka was considered as a nation that had mastered the science of boat building and the country was a maritime hub of the ancient world.

The island therefore does have a natural advantage to become the hub for boat manufacturing in the Asian region thanks to its strategic location and other skills. According to Akihiko Nakauchi. Chairman Colombo Dockyard PLC.

He stated in news that the service provided by the Board of Investment (BOI) for this sector is excellent. Sri Lanka has one of the best natural harbours in the Asian region and its commercial port in Colombo is rated among the most economical and efficient. Which offers a comprehensive range of services to shippers.

As a result of several initiatives taken by the governments, the private sector and other stakeholders the boatbuilding industry in Sri Lanka has now become one of the leading local industries with a potential of emerging as an export sector.

The opportunities have emerged in the boatbuilding sector such as boats for excursions, for whale watching, leisure fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. The interest of the local community in boating activities will create additional markets not only for the exiting entrepreneurs but also for the new investors in the industry.

Sri Lanka’s boatbuilding industry is roughly comprised of three main sectors namely, pleasure boats, commercial boats and fishing boats.

The BOI of Sri Lanka lias played and continues to play a leading role in order to developing this industry There are more than five big boat building companies operating with BOI status.

  • Neil Fernando and Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Dhanusha Marine Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Josten Viksund (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Solas Marine Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Colombo Dockyard PLC

are some the companies operating under the BOI. which produce a wide range of activities such as production of small and medium size boats for the export markets, production of vessels for sport fishing and day fishing, speed boats, coast guard vessels, Dinghy, freshwater fishing boats, saltwater fishing boats, cruising boats and sailboat.

Colombo Dockyard PLC specializes in the building of anchor handling tug supply vessels, platform supply vessels, passenger vessels, harbour tug boats, landing crafts, work boats, fast patrol bats, offshore patrol boats, cargo vessels and passenger vessels for the export markets.

In addition to enhancing earnings of foreign exchange, the boat building industry itself offers a wide range of benefits to the country it has generated many job opportunities for the youth and created inflow of technical know-how into the country.

According to a new market research report titled Global Recreational Boating Industry Analysis and Forecast 2010-2015 from Lucintel. The boating industry is growing exponentially over the next five years. Sri Lankan boating industry therefore has with great potential for expansion opportunities and even of penetrating new markets.

Existing boat manufacturers can expand their production capacity to meet the growing international demand. The BOI Sri Lanka believes strongly that the boating industry is a sector which will play an important role in the country’s development.


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