A floating market on the Beira, Colombo

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The first ever floating market in the county is to be declared open soon, the Urban development Authority (UDA) said.

The market situated in Pettah is being constructed on the Bara Lake adjacent to Bastian Mawatha in Pettah.

The UDA had earlier plumed to open the market before the Sinhala & Tamil New Year but numerous requests mate by vendors asking more time to resettle had delayed the market from opening.

In response to the vendors’ request the UDA had directed that more time be given to vendors to continue business as a relocating process immediately before the New Yea may adversely  affect their businesses.

Selected vendors from the Olcott Mawatha in Pettah would be relocated in the market that would have 92 shops of which 78 would be allocated to local businessmen and remainder to exclusive brands.

A high end restaurant is also being established in the waters, previously media reports on the market stated that priority would be given to leather, brass, musical items, hand bags, shoes and also fruits and fancy item. When allocating shops in the market, the timber decks and bridges have been built to facilitate trading.

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