The transmission of 300 MWs to the national grid from the third and final phase of the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant (LCPP) was expected to begin by the end of August, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) announced. Two generators are running at the moment with a capacity of 300 MWs each and the installation of a third generator with the same capacity is almost completed now. With the launching of the three phases of the LCPP by the end of this month the CEB will be adding 900 MWs to the national grid.

The total cost of the three phased LCPP, one of the largest development projects undertaken by China in Sri Lanka, which started construction in 2006, was US$ 1,341 million (Rs. 1,743 billion). With commissioning of the LCPP, the CEB would be in a position to provide power to every household in the country. The country’s power coverage is at 96% at present.

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