Cable car and Ice Skating rink in Mahagastota by 2015

For the first time in Sri Lanka, MLM Associates will be designing and constructing an ice skating rink in conjunction with the cable car project which was set to be erected in Nuwara Eliya between Lake Gregory and Mahagastota. The entire project will be – completed at a total investment of US $25 million.

The cable car project was due to be completed in April this year but due to difficulties and a lack of support from the Forest Department in the clearing of lands for the construction of permanent structures, the project had to go through a complete redesign.

Due to the redesign of the project and plans to introduce the ice rink along with a gym and a hot water swimming pool, the company was able to bring down the return ticket price from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 700.

We are awaiting the clearance of land in single Tree Mountain to be approved within the next two months in order to be able to work on the permanent structures as the project will also include a luxury’ hotel. We are currently under discussions with the Land Reforms Commission (LRC) in this regard. With the cable cars, the installation and operation will hopefully be completed by April 2015.

The project is being segmented into three phases that would extend to nearly 7.5 km, with the first phase pulling out from Lake Gregory to Single Tree Mountain with an investment of USD nine million alone.

The cable cars would be dual powered; solar and wind and each cabin would have the capacity for 15 persons. Over 750,000 visitors travel to Nuwara Eliya each year and there is hope of attracting 70% of these travellers and holidaymakers for rides on the Cable car.

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    Please let me know about Ice Skating places in Sri Lanka. We will be In Sri Lanka December 2019 and we wish to know about the Ice Skating places and also the charges per person.

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