Is Cargills Beer going out from Beer Business

In December 2011, Chairmen of Cargills Group made a speech in Srilanka Foundation, that the company is looking to the businesses of Banking and the Breweries.

and he  stated that he liked more to diversified their businesses according to the consumer needs and he do explained about the success of Cargills Foodcity and the theme name of “on the way to Home”.

Few days ago I show an articles stated that Cargills Mulls from beer business, which came to my mind is public see Cargills as a traditional follower of Srilanka and symbol of Srilankan Culture , therefore none of Srilankan would encourage a good corporate citizen of Cargills to be in Breweries business.

the new stated that cargills did purchased Three Coins Beer for Rs. 1.43 Billion and it is marketed by Cargills through its subsidiary Millers brewery.

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