In most of the investments in stock exchange made on short term profit realizations with Short Term Trading, the most of the investors are willing to earn short term profit with lower risk profile.

But as natural investment theory the Profit is based on the risk taking ability, therefore there are few factors to consider by the investor to invest in Short Term Trading in Stock Market.

The better investigation on the shares will avoid unexpected losses in the Short term trading and long term investment.

1. Sourcing relevant Information

The investor needs to have basic understanding on the Investment strategies. Specially on the

  • Relevant companies market share
  • Company’s Performance in Industry
  • Earnings per share
  • Future potential growths
  • Market Capitalization

The information can be obtain from

  • Stock Exchange magazines
  • Stock Exchange websites
  • News papers and Business Magazines
  • Annual Reports and Quarter Reports
  • Stock Brokers
  • Investment agents

And many other sources

2. Obtain Information from the Stock brokers

The Stock Brokers are the immediate agent for Buying and selling Stocks from the secondary Market of Stock Exchange, where the Stock Brokers are will help to the Investors to serve the Professional advices and proper based evaluation on Particular stocks.

3. Ultimate Decisions should made by Investors

The Investors should be sole responsible for their investment decisions, where the stock broker will not share on profit or loss in what investor generates.

Therefore the investors have to self analysis on the stocks which invest, and keep monitoring on the stock exchange movements.

 4. Keep observe the Market Movements in Stock Exchange

This is post investment steps to carry out by the investor, where the investor is needs to monitor the market in continuously to update knowledge and investment decision to upgrade the Continuous Learning.

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