How to reduce Electricity – Important Tips for Sri Lankan

After the sudden Electricity tariff increase the Ceylon Electricity board made an common tips for those seeks to reduce their electricity consumptions,


How to Save Electricity in Lighting

  • Replace standard incandescent bulb with Energy Star rated CFL. (Can save more on >our electricity costs over the life of the bulb) Start by replacing bulbs that are on for more than three hours per day.
  • Use brighter bulbs in areas where you do close-up work such as reading, cooking or similar work. Use less-bright light in other areas.
  • Use natural light whenever you can. Make the best use of natural light by arranging desks, reading chairs and work benches closer to windows. Use light colours for walls, ceilings and floors as they reflect more light.
  • Turn the light switch off when you leave the room


How to Save Electricity in Computers, fax machines.

  • TVs, VCRs, CD players, cable boxes, and cassette decks consume energy even if they are in their standby modes. Some will continue to consume energy even when turned off if they are plugged in. Consider unplugging them when you don’t use them

How to Save Electricity in the Kitchen

  • Use efficient cooking sources. A pressure cooker cuts cooking time by about two-thirds, and a microwave uses less than half the energy of a conventional electric oven.


How to Save Electricity in Washing Machine

  • Don’t overload the washing machine, but load them to capacity. Overloading can cut down on efficiency.
  • Use the water level control on clothes washers. Use less water for smaller loads.
  • Follow detergent instructions carefully. Using too much soap makes the washing machine motor work harder.
  • Delicate clothes don’t require as long a wash cycle as dirty work clothes. So wash them separately.
  • Use the dryer if it is essential only; otherwise opt to dry clothes in the sun.
  • If the dryer has an automatic cycle, use it.
  • Clean the dryer’s lint filter after each load to help keep the machine running efficiently.


How to Save Electricity in Ironing

  • Iron all clothes at on
  • Keep the surface upright when ironing.


How to Save Electricity in Fans

  • Pedestal fans and table fans are more v energy efficient than ceiling fans


How to Save Electricity in Air Conditioning

  • Set the temperature of the AC to 26°C
  • Consider using fans
  • Close all doors and windows and seal all air leaks when the AC is on


How to Save Electricity in Refrigeration

  • Do not open the doors frequently
  • Store things in order to make it easy to pick them as you need
  • Do not store hot food
  • Ensure adequate space around the refrigerator to facilitate heat exchange through ventilation

Source: CEB

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