Shocking as it sounds, when this government came to office in 2015, it inherited a Rs. 7.4 trillion debt burden. Today’s accumulated public debt is equivalent to more than 5 times the government’s annual revenue in 2016. To make matters worse, Rs 1.7 trillion in debt service has to be paid next year, which would make it the highest ever debt-repayment in the history of our nation.

These reckless borrowings have burdened us with the responsibility of making debt-servicing payments amounting to 78% of our government’s expected revenue in 2018. This makes it extremely challenging to fund much required investments in infrastructure, health, education, and public goods. Rest assured, this government is committed to investing in the future of all Sri Lankans.

Having taken significant steps in the last two years to get the country back on track, we must harness the immense potential in every Sri Lankan and help them achieve their aspirations. So as a nation, we march on relentlessly towards becoming debt-free and our children can then live in a thriving Sri Lanka they’re proud of.

Every Sri Lankan child is born with a half-a-million debt – Ministry of Finance

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